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Sushil Pyakurel

SSushil Pyakurelushil Pyakurel is the chair of Accountability Watch Committee. He is a former commissioner of Nepal’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and founder of Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), a notable human rights organization in Nepal. He has been working in the human rights sector for the past 3 decades. He is the recipient of Gwangju Prize for Human Rights for 2010.

Dr. Gauri Sankar Lal Das

Dr GSL DasGauri Sankar Lal Das is a former member of National Human Rights Commission from 2057 to 2062. Das received his B.Sc (with distinction) and MBBS from Patna University. Das also completed his Tubercular Diseases Diploma (T.D.D) from Welsh National School of Medicine and Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Das has been active in the health sector and also has the special contribution in the Long Term Health Plan of Nepal (1975-1990). He is also engaged in the field of senior citizens.

Mandira Sharma

Mandira SharmaMandira Sharma is a human rights lawyer and activist. She is the founder of Advocacy Forum-Nepal, a human rights organization, which conducts investigations and files cases on behalf of thousands victims of Nepal's 10-year civil war, which began in the mid- 1990s. She received her BA in Law degree from Tribhuwan University in Kathmandu and LLM degree in International Human Rights from the Law University of Essex in Colchester, England. For courage and tenacity, Mandira Sharma received the Human Rights Watch award, one of the most prestigious honors in the field of human rights.

Kanak Mani Dixit

Kanak Mani DixitKanak Mani Dixit is a journalist and civil rights activist. He is an editor of the South Asian magazine Himal Southasian regional monthly review magazine, as well as the publisher of the Nepali language fortnightly, Himal Khabarpatrika. He is also involved in activities related to social science education, libraries and archiving, public transport, animal treatment and architectural preservation.

Subodh Pyakurel

Subodh PyakurelSubodh Raj Pyakurel is the Chairperson of Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), a leading human rights organization in Nepal. He is also the Chairperson of the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA), Bangkok-based regional human rights organization and an Executive Member of South Asia Forum for Human Rights (SAFHR). He is a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He is also engaged in collective activities towards bringing sustainable peace and development by addressing long prevailed social injustice and structural violence.

Charan Prasain

Charan PrasainCharan Prasai has worked for over twenty years as a leading human rights activist in Nepal. Formerly the chairperson of Amnesty International Nepal and the Human Rights Organization of Nepal (HURON), he currently acts as Coordinator for the sub-committee that has monitored human rights since the cease-fire.

Dr. Gopal Krishna Siwakoti

Dr Gopal SiwakotiPresident of INHURED International (Special Consultative Status, ECOSOC, UN), Dr. Siwakoti is a seasoned front-runner human rights advocate. Chairperson of Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN) and International Advisor to The Hague Appeal for Peace, he has authored and edited several books, research reports and documentaries on transitional justice, human rights, peace, refugees, internal displacement and counter-trafficking. A regular CSO delegate at various UN forums, he has been honored by the Swiss Bureau of Statistics under “Who is Who-2000” on “Refugee Protection in South Asia”; Shikhar Nepal's Person of the Year-2008; University of Rhode Island's Global Nonviolence Advocate-2010 along with Krishna-Nudup National Peace Award-2010.  He has guest-lectured on transitional justice, forced migration, and freedom of elections at various universities abroad. A professionally trained international election observer, his personal biography and scruples have been radiated in a documentary titled “Courage and Conviction” as a recognition of his valor towards safeguarding civil liberty, justice, refugee protection and democratic freedom both at home and beyond border.

Devi Sunuwar

Devi SunuwaDevi Sunar is the mother of Maina Sunar. Maina Sunar was 14 when she was detained by the army on suspicion of being a Maoist in Kabhre in February 2004.Her whereabouts were unknown until the army finally admitted eight months later after pressure human rights activists that she had died in custody. The Maina Sunar case seriously undermined the army’s reputation and brought widespread international condemnation.

Hari Phuyal

Hari PhuyalHari Phuyal is an advocate in the Supreme Court of Nepal and works as a senior legal adviser to the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). He has worked as the National Legal Adviser to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Nepal and has worked as a consultant to the National Human Rights Commission, Nepal.  Mr Phuyal has published on Refugee Law, independence of the judiciary and human rights and he has also taught a number of law courses to students of Bachelor of Law at Tribhuban University, Kathmandu. He represents the human rights cases in the courts of Nepal and involved in the transitional justice related issues in Nepal.

Durga Sob

Durga SobDurga Sob is a prominent Dalit women’s advocate. Durga is is a founding member and the president of the Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO). FEDO works to promote Dalit rights, eliminate caste and gender-based discrimination and to promote justice and equality in Nepalese society. Caste discrimination is still in widespread practice in Nepal.

Dipendra Jha

Dipendra JhaDipendra Jha is an advocate practice at the Supreme Court of Nepal.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in law (LLB) from Nepal Law Campus in 2007 Master’s Degree in Human Rights from Mahidol University, Thailand in 2005, followed by another Master’s Degree in Peace Studies from Bradford University in 2009. The LLM in constitutional Law in Nepal Law campus is continued. He is also chairing THRD Alliance (Terai Human Rights Defenders Alliance).

Govinda Sharma "Bandi"

Govinda BandiGovinda Sharma “Bandi” is a practicing lawyer in Nepal. Govinda received his LLM degree in Human Rights from the University of Hong Kong and now he works as a Senior Legal Advisor at the International Commission Of Jurists (ICJ). From 2000 to 2004 he was a Vice-president of the Central Executive Committee of Nepal Bar Association. Currently he is working on issues related to impunity and transitional justice in Nepal.

Sobhakar Budhathoki

Shobhakar BudhathokiHuman Rights Advocate, Conflict resolution Specialist and security Analyst Budhathoki holds MA in Peace and Justice Studies from the University of San Diego, USA. In the past, Mr Budhathoki has been actively engaged in human rights promotion since nearly two decades and has served in different capacity in United Nations Mission in East Timor, Kosovo and Eritrea and Ethiopia, as well as Asia Program Manager for the Center for Security Sector Management of the Cranfield University. He has authored hundreds of articles and published in national and international publications in the areas conflict resolution  peace process, peacebuilding, transitional justice, state-building and nation-building, democratic, security sector reform, civilian security, rule of law, etc.

Birendra Thapaliya

Birendra ThapalayaBirendra Thapaliya is the president of Human Rights and Democratic Forum (FOHRID). He is also life member of the Human Rights Organization of Nepal (HURON). Birendra received his Master's Degree in Political Science from Tribhuvan University. He is also a practicing lawyer.



Suman Adhakari

Suman AdhikariSuman Adhikari represents the victims of the insurgency period. He advocates for the justice for all the victims of serious human rights violations during the conflict period. After having witnessed his father's (Mukti Nath Adhikari) gruesome murder by the Maoist cadres in 2002, Suman Adhikari started working in the field of justice and human rights to end the culture of impunity in Nepal. Having the similar experience of conflict- era; Suman himself initiated to establish an NGO named Conflict Victim Orphans Society in 2003 for the victims like him. The NGO was established for the campaign for justice. He worked as the secretary of Conflict Victim Orphans Society from 2004 to 2011, and is currently serving as the chairperson of the very organization.


Kapil Shrestha

Suman AdhikariKapil Shrestha is a former member of National Human Rights Commission from 2000 to 2005. Kapil is a Professor of Political Science at Tribhuvan University, Nepal. His specialization and focus of teaching/research are on: Political Theory and Philosophy, Nepali Politics, South Asian Politics, Human Rights, Political Economy and Development. He is also recognized for numerous publications in scholarly journals and other publications from Nepal and many other countries in both English and Nepali languages. He is also a convener, resource – person and participants in numerous workshops, seminars, symposiums, training programs on the theme related to political science, human rights, women rights, children's rights, minority rights, dalits rights, peace building, election monitoring, literacy and awareness building, social activism, higher education, university teacher's activism in different countries of the world.


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