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Membership and Structure of Board 

ppOrganizations and individuals working in the areas of human rights, rule of law, accountability, and transitional justice are the members of the committee. The core committee consists of 17 members as mentioned below:


  1. Sushil Pyakurel(Former Commissioner, NHRC)


  1. Birendra Thapaliya(FORHID)
  2. Charan Prasai, (Chair -Joint Forum for Human rights)
  3. Devi Sunuwar(victims' family)
  4. Dipendra Jha (Human Rights Activist)
  5. Dr. Gauri Shankar Lal Das(Former Commissioner, NHRC)
  6. Dr. Gopal Krishna Siwakoti(President-INHURED)
  7. Durga Sob(Dalit Women Activist)
  8. Govinda Sharma "Bandi"(Lawyer)
  9. Hari Phuyal(Lawyer)
  10. Kanak Mani Dixit( Senior Journalist)
  11. Mandira Sharma(Executive Director-Advocacy Forum)
  12. Prof. Kapil Shrestha(Former Commissioner, NHRC)
  13. Sobhakar Budhathoki(Conflict Analyst)
  14. Subodh Pyakurel(President-INSEC/HRH)
  15. Suman Adhikari(Victims' Family)

Members of Secretariat

  1. Yagya Thapa
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