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About Us


AWC intervenes in areas of law and policy where Human Rights and the rule of law are concerned. The committee was formed in 2006 with a mission to keep the issues surrounding impunity, accountability and rule of law in the National political agenda. 

AWC was formed to work through coordinated advocacy approach in order to put pressure on the government to address past Human Rights abuses and to promote the implementation of a comprehensive Transitional Justice mechanism in Nepal. It was also formed to provide a platform to influence and lobby for accountability and promotion and protection of Human Rights. As the culture of impunity is rolling on unabated, many of the victims of the conflict are suffering due to the injustices inflicted upon them, and there is a need to address these injustices in order to provide relief to the victims and create an environment for reconciliation which is a prerequisite to sustainable peace, development and institutionalization of democracy in Nepal. In the process of exerting pressure on the government and raising awareness amongst the victims, this initiative has brought the key organizations and the individual together

to make strategic interventions by demanding accountability for the cases of human rights violations and make interventions in those areas that affect the rule of law and human rights. Like a watchdog body of independent experts, AWC also keeps its eyes peeled for any development in the legislation relating to transitional justice mechanisms and takes resort to immediate interventions if the government seemed to formulate laws that directly sacrifices justice on the altar of political expediency.

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